4 Great Thinkers refute “anarcho”-capitalism

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  1. TheProgressistViewer says:

    These minarchists are saying what they believe is the appropriate role of government, anarcho-capitalists believe that there is no appropriate role for government. Wtf are you talking about?

  2. TheProgressistViewer says:

    4 minarchists argue that the state should defend the interests of the rich. That would be the appropriate title. This video is just as straw man as it gets.

  3. crud4 says:

    @globbo100 What do you think we have now? Who do you think “governs” the globe? Landless peasants? What do you think happened during the American revolution or the enlightenment in general? The land owners overthrew the feudal system and set up their own government. Over time they colluded with each other and created monopolies/corporations and here we are. Capitalists or land owners as yo call them created the modern state and the mess we see now. You cannot separate capitalism from the state.

  4. ElDukerino1 says:

    Why you talking about the state like it only possibly serves certain subjective interests?
    The need for something like the state rests in the fact that people generally act to further their own interest even if it infringes on others’.
    Wouldn’t ideal be some sort of very limited state that upholds relatively objective principles? I know that’s the justification for what we have, but remedy isn’t getting rid of it, but rather riduculing the propoganda & illegitimacy of the subjective interests.

  5. crud4 says:

    Why then do capitalists oppose direct democracy? Because it would not allow the minority upper class to rule the majority working class. You’re a dolt Kurtyoungblood. Thou shalt not have no idea.

  6. Kurtyoungblood says:

    “…capitalists have always known democracy is a threat to their ability to subjugate mankind under their oppressive boot.”
    lol you are absolutely full of shit.

  7. globbo100 says:

    I said John Jay’s statement came close, and only if he’s referring to land owners.John Jay may have unwittingly thrown his support for a stateless society with that rather cryptic statement of his. Btw, there’s a reason why it’s not called “anarcho-statism”,but instead “anarcho-capitalism”.That’s because “anarcho-statism is an oxymoron.”

  8. crud4 says:

    “Majority´╗┐ tyranny is good?”

    You’ve fallen victim to propaganda. They hated direct democracy because it was/is a DIRECT threat to the rule of the minority. Direct decentralized democracy with the means of production under worker control IS anarchism. You advocate capitalism and capitalists have always known democracy is a threat to their ability to subjugate mankind under their oppressive boot. Forever. And we will remain forever oppressed so long as people like you exist en mass. Education?

  9. crud4 says:

    No he’s in part showing how capitalism cannot exist without a state to first legitimize and then enforce the capitalists subjective claim to anything and everything- theft. The founding fathers knew this as did Ayn Rand as did Rothbard . So called “anarcho” capitalism also depends on a state- it should rightly be called “anarcho’ statism. The private for profit state of “anarcho” capitalists, if it ever manifests, will be overthrown by the workers after the hell on earth it creates is rejected.

  10. globbo100 says:

    This is hardly a refutation of Anarcho-Capitalism as it is an advocacy for Statism.John Jay was pretty close in advocating Anarchy when he said, “Those who own the country ought to govern it.” That makes sense if he’s referring to landowners governing their own land.That would qualify as a country governed by a multitude of landowners.

  11. MaoiMeowi2 says:

    How would it be Anarchism if Anarcho-Capitalism is realized?

  12. OutdoorsBlackMan says:

    What “flaws”?

  13. Sean13Haddon says:

    Well, I didn’t understand a damn thing they said… All I know is that once we find a version of Anarcho-Capitalism without gaping flaws, plain capitalism will have to do… Man, I can’t wait for the perfection of Anarcho-Capitalism!!!

  14. adzug says:

    without labour nuthin git r dun

  15. adzug says:

    ppl on the right often complain bout socialism and penalising the rich for all the good they do, as if the poor are getting over on the state. but the elderly the disabled who have worked their whole lives giving to society shud be taken care of as they took care their whole lives. its corps who get tax shelters and subsities amounting to corporate socialism that really are getting over on the ppl who get turned down for pre existing conditions and other cop outs

  16. ntheAttic says:

    even John Jay?

    Ive only ever heard upper management people and owners reffer to him,,with zeal,,they think they or their corporations have more rights than the average citizen because they supply the jobs.

  17. Kurtyoungblood says:

    The majority is oppressed? The majority of the U.S. is semi-poor and just elected Barack Obama and if his tax plan doesn’t tyrannize the minority (the “vile” rich) I don’t know what does.

  18. robtul12 says:

    Your terminology is misleading and loaded with fictitious meaning. You have to understand the words of the Founders in their context. These were rich, property holdig slave owner who suggested that their class be the only one allowed to vote. They inititially rejected adding a bill of rights to the constitution also. They sought to establish a plutocracy/polyarchy and that is what they have done. The majority is oppressed and unheard from in this country. It is a “tyrany” of the few and moneyed.

  19. Kurtyoungblood says:

    Majority tyranny is good?

  20. robtul12 says:

    Thank you for making people privy to Madison’s evil and unconscionable words.

  21. Spalg says:

    It’s talking about protecting the intelligencia, but I don’t know how that refutes anarcho-capitalism. They’d agree with that.

  22. Dutchdrummer99 says:

    Of course goes for the other comments as well. But this one is by James Madison himself. That`s just horrible leaders where thinking like that.

  23. Dutchdrummer99 says:

    James madison “A government should be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority”; that`s just horribly wrong. Protecting the rich from the average and poor. Isn`t that what he`s saying here. Or could it be that he means the minority inside the opulent. Seems to be the first one; hence he`s an asshole that`s only looking after himself and his rich buddies.

    (Ps.opulent means; rich / superior).

  24. griffjam says:

    no these are arguments against property

  25. WeWillWinAnarchy says:

    They didn’t destroy then rebuild the soil once or twice a year, either. That’s why the amount of arable land in the world is decreasing, not increasing.