Darwin Award Candidates

A few nice Darwin Awards images I found:

Darwin Award Candidates
Darwin Awards
Image by Bill Gracey
All along the bluffs overlooking the ocean in Southern California there are signs warning people of the dangers of the ocean. The signs are very specific and talk about the danger to life from large waves, and prohibit people from going on to the rocks that are exposed to rogue waves.
Every day people ignore these signs and every year a surprising number of people are injured or killed.
The Darwin Awards were created for these folks. If you’re not familiar with the Darwin Awards, here’s the link

I nominate these guys for this year’s Darwin Awards
Darwin Awards
Image by slworking2
These people sure know how to use their heads. I mean look at how they made sure to keep the extension cord and power strip out of the water.

Hopefully the cord is plugged in to a GFI outlet.

Future Darwin Award Winners
Darwin Awards
Image by Potjie
Do they not see the train?

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