Top 10 quirky science tricks for parties

Created by Prof Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire (UK). For more quirky science visit his daily blog
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  1. k956upg says:

    wow amazing.
    I just add ed a bit of water to the flame cos the carbon dioxide wasnt there..then the flame went out.
    Can anyone talk rubbish while rotating there foot. he can.
    Nobody will ever guess lighting the matches is part of it.

  2. g00glian0 says:

    @NAWGWAY You just proved my point.

  3. indiodemexico says:

    lol “quirky”

  4. dase4321 says:

    @tiogreenday same here i looked at the commnts to see if anybody else could and long behold on the third comment what a crock.

  5. shadymages says:

    @DarwinsChihuahua hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…..haha

  6. Yahmanarenot says:

    I’m tripping

  7. tiogreenday says:

    i can move the fourth finger from the table… not so hard ;S

  8. LedZeppelin148 says:

    Awesome vid man! Some really cool stuff

  9. Lioungboyz says:

    Why does these thing happen? need to have an explenation?

  10. Girlscout2727 says:

    anti clockwise?

  11. Kevsniceas says:

    Garanteed to get you maaad bitches!

  12. saloochy says:

    Dude ur awesome liked the one with two matches

  13. SuperToygamer says:

    copy and paste

    2. send this to 2 other videos.

    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds.

    4. press refresh twice.

    3. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS 20 órával ezelőtt

  14. elizze6 says:

    I don’t reverse my foot rotation when drawing a 6

  15. alphawolfpnk says:

    Lie i can move my finger half an inch off the table

  16. willdestroyer9876 says:

    @Superyndaaa yeah your able to move your forth finger with your middle finger under your hand, its your ring finger you cant move.

  17. pycho15 says:

    how much is 100 ml

  18. GODisTHAbeast says:


  19. jodi106 says:

    thats freaking awesome!!

  20. LiberdadeHedonista says:

    @DarwinsChihuahua ha ha ha, your name is sooo cool! Darwin’s Chihuahua! LOL

  21. myzonetech says:

    @CyberSherriff lol dude

  22. same270 says:

    last one was cool.

  23. LordPirani says:

    @Hikk0 I was wondering about the same. I believe that would be possible if it was done in a Separatory Funnel, but woudln’t be so funny because of the funnel’s shape =

  24. Superyndaaa says:

    i was able to move my forth finger while my middle was under

  25. nishantvas18 says: