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D-Link DGS-1008G Ethernet Switch – 8 Port 8 x

D-Link DGS-1008G Ethernet Switch – 8 Port 8 x

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How could George Berkeley continue to believe that only minds or ideas exist, after he was married?

Question by sokrates: How could George Berkeley continue to believe that only minds or ideas exist, after he was married?
Berkeley had a wife, consummated his marriage and had a son. How could he do all these things and continue to believe that only minds or ideas exist?

Best answer:

Answer by nick p
Berkley’s famous quote: “To be is to be perceived”. Analyze this for a moment and realize that he is saying that to exist is to be perceived by something else. Berkley would have even held this to be true of himself, and Berkley, being a Christian brings God back into philosophy and science by positing God to be the Prime perceiver of all things. So what follows? Berkeley, much like his wife and kids, are ideas not of himself but of God who is always perceiving. God insures that our physical world is not vanquished when we shut our eyes or when we are not perceiving it in any way. His wife is really there, insofar that God is always perceiving her, likewise with himself and his kids. Of course, this is going to create the metaphysical problem of who is perceiving God? Either some entity is perceiving God at all times, and some entity is perceiving that entity, and so on to an infinite regress or we end up back in a Transcendent reality where there really is a “real world” transcendent of the world we are in where there is a realism present and in no need of a saying “To be is to be perceived”. Either way if you accept Berkley’s position you end up with an infinite regress or a dualistic reality of some king that allows God to be unperceived, since He really does exist. This of course would be the realist position, so then “true reality” would be one of which the realist would accept, but this reality isn’t that it is an idealist one. Its definitely a strange position, one of which I am still researching. All the best.

In Christ


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Darwin’s Paradox: Runaway Bestseller from Acclaimed Author Nina Munteanu

Darwin’s Paradox Cover

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 16, 2007

Darwin’s Paradox–a book that explores humanity’s evolution through our relationship with nature and machine … What would happen if they came together?

In today’s multiplex world of rapid planetary change, the lines between biology and technology are swiftly blurring in wondrous and equally terrifying ways. We are witnessing an increase in studies that link a growing infertility in humans to industrial activities and urban lifestyles. Yet, those of us who are born today can expect to live with enhanced intelligence, longevity, and health thanks to technological advances such as neuromorphic engineered implants, nano-A.I. medicine and other biotechnological advances.

Co-evolving with our exploitation of the world’s ecology is the spread of emergent and resistant diseases. Futurist Michio Kaku suggests that because of the rampant use of anti-biotics “our own bodies have become a Darwinian battleground where only the nastiest mutant strains of bacteria thrive.” Yet, Doctor Lynn Margulis proved the notion that cellular evolution of virus and host cell may evolve through cooperation, often into a single symbiotic entity (e.g., evolution of eukaryotic cell). Virologist Frank Ryan states that “every monkey, baboon, chimpanzee and gorilla is carrying at least ten different species of symbiotic virus.” And, while Lynn Margulis argues that a virus is intelligent, Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil predicts the inevitability of self-aware sentient robots.

In her book, Darwin’s Paradox (Dragon Moon Press) ecologist, educator and acclaimed author Nina Munteanu explores the frightening prospect of an intelligent self-organized virus joined with a self-aware A.I. in a world preoccupied with issues of infertility and the residual effects of an industrial plague.

Driven by an ambitious virus stirring inside her, Julie Crane sets out on a quest to save her family from the clutches of a terrified government. Instead she’s abruptly caught in a web of intrigue…one that will betray her identity as Darwin’s Paradox and define the evolution of humankind.

Says Doctor Rhonda Low, host of “Your Health”–CTV News, and Clinical Associate Professor in the Dept. of Family & Community Medicine, University of British Columbia: “Loved Darwin’s Paradox! … A good neurology refresher for me! … The story is intricate … imaginative, and intelligent … The medical and scientific (premise is] … completely plausible and perhaps our fate … Sign me up for ‘neurgery’.”

“Munteanu [has] created an inventive and exciting future … a mystery virus … unsettling artificial intelligences … and an indomitable hero,” says Kay Kenyon, SF author of Bright of the Sky.

Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Rollback, calls Darwin’s Paradox “a thrill ride that makes you think and tugs the heart.”

Darwin’s Paradox is Nina’s third novel. Her previous fiction was nominated for the Gaylactic Spectrum Award, Ecataromance Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Aurora Prix, and the Foundation of Speculative Literature’s Fountain Award. Praise for her previous fiction has been generous.

Tangent Online calls Angel’s Promises “A stunning example of good storytelling with an excellent setting and cast of characters.” Of her first novel, Collision with Paradise, Romantic Times says, “Munteanu presents a very intelligent story, with fantastic world-building…an intriguing tale.” Another Book Review Site said, “Munteanu asserts her mastery of the sensual SF romantic thriller. An unforgettable read that’s immensely alluring, surprising, and heart throbbing. The vivid intimate details, colorful descriptions, and wonderfully drawn characters leave one breathless and asking, when and where is the next book coming out?”

Nina holds a Masters Degree in Ecology from Concordia University (Montreal) and has taught university courses at Simon Fraser University, Douglas College and the University of Victoria. She has published over fifty scientific papers, technical reports and guides, including a controversial paper on “creative destruction”, which uses chaos theory to explore nature’s intelligence. Nina conducts research in risk analysis, pollution abatement and environmental protection as senior scientist with an environmental consulting firm in Vancouver, B.C.

A Book Tour is planned for Darwin’s Paradox, starting with a launch in Vancouver November 15 through 24. The tour will move to the Toronto area between November 28 and December 3. Nina’s New Year Tour kicks off in Seattle, WA in January, 2008; with stops in 12 major U.S. cities.

Darwin’s Paradox audiobook will be available Spring 2008, featuring Heather Dugan: The Voice of Darwin’s Paradox.

Nina’s award-winning blog, The Alien Next Door provides lively discussion on elements of science and science fiction, philosophy, and futurism, as well as spiritual and metaphysical issues.

Press Contacts:

Karen Mason

Darwin’s Paradox



Ali G- Science

Ali G talks to some geezers about science, and techmology
Video Rating: 4 / 5

By Everything you ever need to know about science.
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Great Thinkers of the Western World: The Major Ideas and Classic Works of More Than 100 Outstanding Western Philosophers, Physical and Social Scientists, Psychologists, Religious Writers and Theologians

Great Thinkers of the Western World: The Major Ideas and Classic Works of More Than 100 Outstanding Western Philosophers, Physical and Social Scientists, Psychologists, Religious Writers and Theologians

Great Thinkers of the Western World is a concise and authoritative guide to the principal theoretical ideas of the outstanding thinkers in Western history. From Parmenides to Albert Camus, theses men and women have profoundly influenced the development of Western civilization through their theories and revolutionary ideas and by providing intellectual, scientific or spiritual illumination. Articles on 116 thinkers are arranged chronologically, making it essay for readers to follow and appreciat

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The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You! (Everything Kids Series)

The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You! (Everything Kids Series)

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Science has never been so easy – or so much fun! With The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book, all you need to do is gather a few household items and you can recreate dozens of mind-blowing, kid-tested science experiments. High school science teach Tom Robinson shows you how to expand your scientific horizons – from biology to chemistry to physics to outer space. You’ll discover answers to questions like:
Is it possible to blow up a balloon without actually blowing into it?

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Home of The Greatest Minds In The World

(PRWEB) June 11, 2005

Supernatural Minds is a ground breaking website which was launched early in March. It offers a powerful look into the lives and achievements of great minds who have shaped our world throughout history.

While many famous thinkers such as Albert Einstein and Aristotle are featured, the website places a emphasis on focusing on great thinkers not as well known, such as Hypatia, Philip Emeagwali, Paul Erdos, Chike Obi, and others. The website also has many links which lead to their amazon bookstore for those wishing to purchase books on these great minds.

However, Supernatural Minds is far from being a encyclopedia of great thinkers. The website addresses issues on the nature of intelligence and the notion of IQ. Brain teasers and games are also featured, and in the future free ebooks and a large community will be built. It is hoped that visitors will gain great knowledge from the information on our site.

It is sad to note that many great thinkers and their achievements have been forgotten. While people today often take for granted the technology we have it must be noted that without these great men and women, our civilization as we know it today would not exist.

# # #

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I like csi and forensics and mysteries. But i am not the smartest person. Any ideas of what i can major in?

Question by Laurin-Elizabeth: I like csi and forensics and mysteries. But i am not the smartest person. Any ideas of what i can major in?
I like csi and forensics and mysteries. I make a’s and b’s in school though. But i want some ideas of majors for college of something not that complex but fun and gets to solve crimes and mysteries but also makes alot of money. I watch alot of forensic files and csi. I think it is pretty neat. I want to do something like that. But i heard you should be really intellegent. What about the people that work in a crime lab? or a detective? secret agent? help… any ideas alot of money mysteries and not that complex??

Best answer:

Answer by VermilionPhoenix
Internal affairs. Police assistant.

…I’ll go out on a limb and assume that if you have the ambition to do it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try. I’m guessing a guidance counselor is telling you you’re not good enough or something, or you think that because you’re not a nerd you’re not good enough to do something. A’s and B’s are good grades. Grades don’t determine things like common sense and analytical ability though. The thing is passing the tests and meeting the requirements for those kinds of jobs. Just put your mind to it, and you’ll probably be able to do it. Look at all the ex-weed users that are being allowed into LE now because of the lowered standards…Good luck!

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