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What percentage of people woudl you guess can read the minds of others?

Question by Sdffsdf S: What percentage of people woudl you guess can read the minds of others?
I mean consciously read teh minds of other, as in be able to tune into someone elses thoughts at will.

I woudl guess about 20%

what woudl you say?

Best answer:

Answer by ansub c
Telepathy is a skill that can be developed from anyone.

But people that already have the skill are most likely from 5-10%.

20% in my opinion is a high figure.

But anyone can develop the skill.

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What great thinkers could you relate to the movie Pulp Fiction?

Question by cpl311: What great thinkers could you relate to the movie Pulp Fiction?
in a religious studies class and i ham haveing a problem with my paper, what great thinkers such as sternburg and machiavelli would you relate to this movies, examples would be great!!!!!!!! paper needs to be 5-8 pages long and i am stuck!

Best answer:

Answer by Ryan
I would say Nietzsche. Nietzsche is tough to understand like Pulp Fiction, but once you understand him you really like him (kind of like Pulp Fiction).

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Darwin Day Middle School Poster Contest

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) January 30, 2009

Science and education advocacy association Center for Inquiry Tampa is sponsoring a poster contest in celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, and to promote science in general. This year–2009–also marks the 150th anniversary of publication of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species,” the treatise establishing evolution as a bedrock of science.

Applications were distributed to students through Hillsborough County middle school science classes. Entries were submitted on January 16th. Each participant will receive a ribbon for their entry. First through tenth place monetary awards will be given for scientific merit (primary criterion) and artistic presentation (secondary criterion). Winning posters will be displayed in the science section of J. F. Germany Library from February 7-14.

When: Awards announcement and prize distribution–Saturday, February 7, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Where: J. F. Germany Library, 900 Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL 33602-3704, First floor, Science Section.

Judges: Among the judges are: Wesley M. Johnson, Ph.D (Professor, USF, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering); Jack Robinson, Ed. D (Professor Emeritus, USF, Arts and Sciences); Lois Fries, MS.

The Center for Inquiry Tampa is a non-profit educational foundation whose mission is “To promote and defend reason, science, and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor.” CFI organizations publish Skeptical Inquirer, PENSAR, and Free Inquiry magazines. See for more information, or call Rick O’Keefe (813) 849-7571.


Does the world only have a few great thinkers capable of thinking out of the box?

Question by Vivianna: Does the world only have a few great thinkers capable of thinking out of the box?
It seems like only a handful of people are the ones that make all the great discoveries in the world that we all benifit from. But everyone else are just, users, yes men, or nay sayers. Why aren’t there more people like Tesla that are capable of thinking outside the box? Where have all the great thinkers gone? Why don’t we promote our best thinkers? Why do people that take credit for other people’s work get promoted over the people that have the great ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Charles C
there are more but they just aren’t in the spot light

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TED Launches TED Conversations

TED Launches TED Conversations
NEW YORK, February 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ TED (, the nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, announces today the launch of TED Conversations, a new social media platform on that connects people for conversation, …
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Viva Italia!
Langley filmmaker Chelsea McMullan will spend a year in Italy, honing her craft at Fabrica
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Intelligence plays an integral role in relationship success

Intelligence plays an integral role in relationship success
He Said: Though it may appear untrue, guys value the intelligence of ladies as much as they value other, more “physical” qualities. The modern male adolescent is subject to numerous examples of intelligence through the books he reads, the television he watches and the people he interacts with on a day-to-day basis. These sources call out to him […]
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Sketchy intelligence: Artist unveils study of MI6
LONDON – Spies complain that intelligence is often sketchy – and here’s the proof. Artist James Hart Dyke on…
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Intelligence breakdown
No matter how things shake out in Egypt, one thing has become depressingly clear: Something is very wrong with the American intelligence services. First it was CIA Director Leon Panetta, telling a House committee there was a “strong likelihood” that Mubarak would step down Thursday night — an erroneous prediction…
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Westport, CT (Vocus/PRWEB) February 09, 2011, an online live learning startup, recently closed an Angel financing round of $ 700,000. LiveMind will use the new growth capital to develop new products and expand the LiveMind community of teachers and students. Founder David Dean comments, “We are excited to take LiveMind to the next level. This round of financing provides us with the capital needed to enhance the learning platform and build the marketplace.” LiveMind CEO, David Lynch, states, “We have an aggressive marketing plan to make LiveMind the premier web marketplace for live, casual online learning. We’ll be the recognized destination for anyone who wants to learn virtually anything in a LIVE online environment.”, which launched this past Spring under the name, is a revolutionary new way for people to learn, connecting teachers and students in LIVE online classrooms. It provides teachers the tools to bring their expertise beyond the typical physical boundaries of continuing education in an easy to navigate online classroom. It provides students the opportunity to learn anything of interest in an interactive classroom from the convenience of their computer. LiveMind currently offers over 500 classes and has doubled the number of active students over the last two months. “Our mission at LiveMind is simple,” explained David Lynch. “We want to build the premier, live online learning marketplace that creates new social learning and teaching opportunities for the masses.”

About LiveMind is a Westport, CT based internet company that launched in April 2010. LiveMind is an open marketplace for live online learning. Using the LiveMind platform and suite of services, anyone can create and teach a class on any subject, and offer it at any price, or for free. People interested in learning can use LiveMind to find and take classes on their specific topics of interest. Students select classes and instructors based on class descriptions, instructor ratings and price. All classes are offered in live, online interactive sessions using state of the art tools and technology including live video and audio interaction with the instructor and advanced presentation capabilities.

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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Question by Richard: intelligence?
I know knowledge, is simply what one knows, and your IQ, is your mental ability, but this can be train, especially for IQ tests.
So what’s intelligence, What situations etc proove or show that some one is intelligent

Best answer:

Answer by 3595
IQ is a measure of intelligence. It’s your ability to learn, solve problems, apply logic, reason, think abstractly, comprehend ideas, plan etc.

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Cool Intelligence images

Some cool Intelligence images:

moving intelligence through media
Image by Will Lion
“Broadcast television is an example of a medium in which all the intelligence is at the point of origin. Instead of thinking of the next evolutionary step of television as increased resolution, better colour, or more programs, think of it as a change in the distribution of intelligence – or, more precisely, the movement of some intelligence from the transmitter to the receiver”

Being Digital (1995) by Nicholas Negroponte (p.19)

Background CC image courtesy of This citation appears on the image.

View the interactive gallery here