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These are five examples of some definite near to Darwin Award finalists… no deaths. Not really Darwins… but damn funny to watch!
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The Games Dimwits Play
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The Science of Great Landscape Photography.

The Science of Great Landscape Photography.
Learn the science of taking Great Landscape Photographs With Any Camera And A Few Basic Accessories With This .95 216-page EBook(R)!
The Science of Great Landscape Photography.

The Science Of Abundant Life.
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles together with Wallace D. Wattles’ The Science of Being Well, The Science of Being Great, How to Promote Yourself, The New Science of Living and Healing, and Hell-fire Harrison!
The Science Of Abundant Life.

Lastest Minds News

Communicating the Goldman Sachs Way
Inquiring minds have often wondered: How should a Goldman Sachs employee talk to a financial naif? How should he or she handle rumors (even the ones that aren’t true)? And how should Goldman personnel, who the bank paid an average of $ 430,700 each last year, compose a personal letter? The answers to these questions, and others, are explained in Goldman’s own Emily Postian etiquette primer, which …
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Prefer as you like, Brown tells voters
GREENS leader Bob Brown is urging voters to make up their own minds about where they direct their preferences on election day – but he hasn’t ruled out a deal with the Liberals to boost the party’s chances of winning the hotly contested seat of Melbourne.
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Commuters Worried About Increasing Gas Prices During Holiday Season
How high will it go? Gasoline prices are on the minds of many as motorists hit the roads this holiday weekend.
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MHS science students show smarts beyond classroom

MHS science students show smarts beyond classroom
Science teams at Marshfield High School have proven their dominance in state and national competitions.
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Science Center launches new PlanIt Home exhibition on Earth Day
DETROIT — This Earth Day, April 22, the Detroit Science Center will launch a new exhibition called PlanIt Home that will showcase technology, products and tips for making homes more energy efficient and eco-friendly.
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Nice Minds photos

Check out these Minds images:

Fight For Your Mind
Image by just.Luc
View On Black
If you’re gonna live
then live it up
and if you’re gonna give
then give it up
if you’re gonna walk the earth
then walk it proud
and if you’re gonna say the word
you got to say it loud

you got to fight for your mind
you got to fight for your mind
while you got the time
you got to fight for your mind

(Fight For Your Mind – Ben Harper)

Minds – Pose MSK DC5 SeventhLetter LosAngeles Graffiti Art
Image by anarchosyn
"Minds Seeking Knowledge" production with Pose Rime Revok

Earth Science (Rock ‘N Learn) Reviews

Earth Science (Rock ‘N Learn)

  • DVD & VHS
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Marko the Pencil makes it easy to understand and remember science concepts. Learn about the Solar System, weather, the water cycle, geology, properties of minerals, volcanoes, plate tectonics, weathering, topography, erosion, energy resources, and energy conservation. An excellent tool to prepare for any earth science test. Meets National Science Education Standards. Includes website with free study materials that complement program. Grades 3-8. AWARDS:
*iParenting Media Award, Best Prod

List Price: $ 19.99

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Q&A: sCience!!!!!!?

Question by k23_456: sCience!!!!!!?
give me prof that scientific laws can change!

Best answer:

Answer by gardengallivant
Newtonian physics gave a very good model of motion mechanics, dynamics, until the speed of light was approached. Newton’s laws are now considered approximations and have been added to by Einstein’s model that accounts for near light speed, relativistic dynamics.
The early models accounted for limits known at the time they were developed. Later modifications added to the earlier equations rather than replaced them.
Newton proposed three laws. The second law, force = mass x acceleration, was not limited. However velocity does not increase infinitely.
Newton – Force = rate of change of momentum

Einstein – Force = (rate of change of mass) c
Where c = speed of light.

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Elvis – Suspicious Minds

Bit of Elvis.

Q&A: What is the characteristic of simple minds?

Question by Hermes: What is the characteristic of simple minds?
Opinions, revisions, and comments all welcome. Thank You!

In this poem, simple minds mean people who have the ability to learn but they chose not to use them; is it because of laziness? You will decide. (Continue with “Add Detail”)

The Traits of Simple Minds

Simple minds always surprise; Simple mind easy to satisfy.

Simple minds love to get high; Simple mind easy to suicide.

Simple minds have lazy drive; Simple mind easy to fall behind.

Simple minds like to withdraw and hide; Simple mind easy to cry.

Simple minds hardly think before try; Simple mind easy to paralyze.

Simple minds believe without analyze; Simple mind easy to hypnotize.
Simple minds tonight happy, tomorrow cry; Simple minds easy to suffer or even died.

Simple minds never bother to ask “Why”; Simple minds easy to under estimated great mind.

Simple minds so good at amusing each others mind; Simple minds easy to bond with it own kinds.

Simple minds like to demoralize good minds; Simple minds easy to regret for their foolish mind.

Simple minds get used to stack problems really high; Simple minds easy to have tear down their eyes.

Simple minds! Don’t make your sweat heart cry, and when are you going to realize? That your mom is not always by your side, so wake up tonight before you are falling too far behind, and always bear this in mind that self-actualized Maslow didn’t lie.

Best answer:

Answer by mary allen
i dont know i dont wont to read that hole list right something shorter

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Pictures of the Mind: What the New Neuroscience Tells Us About Who We Are

Pictures of the Mind: What the New Neuroscience Tells Us About Who We Are

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“An engaging and compelling read that illustrates how the new brain science can help us understand elements of our basic humanity.” –Zindel Segal, Author of The Mindful Way through Depression and  Cameron Wilson Chair in Depression Studies at the University of Toronto and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health   “Miriam Boleyn-Fitzgerald has given us a remarkably clear and engaging account of the ways that the new brain imaging technologies can give us deep insights into our gra

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