Top 5 Science Conspiracies, Theories and Hoaxes James Williams uncovers five spooky scientific mysteries you may never have heard of. For more science news stories, check out
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  1. Haider10313 says:

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  2. NayokeHenji says:

    @potatoman08 there are other ads other than making people watch videos before a video.

  3. potatoman08 says:

    @NayokeHenji then how could youtube make money? Before in 2005 and 2006 there weren’t millions and millions of people browsing the site. Youtube also pays people to make videos.

  4. NayokeHenji says:

    I don’t mean to ruin the mood here folks, but fuck this user for ruining youtube with their ads. I wish it was like back in 2005 and 2006 when there weren’t annoying ads before every video. I’ve had enough already.

  5. Onesideofyams says:

    @CardinalSinga It won’t happen man.

  6. casawsome says:

    @0ver10rd You should listen to Neil Adams speak about this to support this theory he thinks more mass is being added by rays from the sun. I think he is certifiable by the way.

  7. 0ver10rd says:

    Lol! Gravity force would have been stronger in the past if growing earth theory is correct. Even a 8 years old child would know.
    Mass would have been the same, but distance to center would have been shorter!!!! Please! Read a bit of basic (and I mean really really basic) science!!!!!

  8. Aariinho says:

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  9. ernesdee2o916 says:

    Fucking white people…

  10. CardinalSinga says:

    The expanding earth theory makes sense if the Atlantis and Lemura continents did not exist or were actually mere island kingdoms that sank at the time of something like the alleged long cycle Nibiru Passover. Michio Kaku’s 2012 3 UFOs heading earth-way may be water and matter debris stripped from Mars eons ago heading back to pepper Earth with more water and earth mass. Hate to be around when that bombardment start coming down with pole shift and tsunamis bigger than Fukushima or 2004 tsunami.

  11. zDrizzyz says:


  12. lgvereor says:

    @1234gnrslash This theory only accounts for land, there are lakes, rivers, and possibly seas to add into the equation.

    You need water to produce life in evolution’s current form, oceans are not habitable for this, but freshwater swamps, which is something you would see extensively in this Pangea theory, are.

  13. HavokOnePointZero says:


  14. TylerNull says:



    Overpopulation hoax
    Deforestation hoax
    Homophobia hoax
    Silent Spring hoax
    Nuclear Winter hoax
    Islamophobia hoax
    Ozone Hole hoax
    Global Warming hoax

    … all those are vastly bigger hoaxes.

  15. spartan5536 says:

    Now I want to go to the library of confress

  16. PoliticalBoondocks says:

    @anois08 – find freedom in truth

  17. 1234gnrslash says:

    @lgvereor It just seems unlikely that the entirety of our oceans formed in the last 200 million years (considering our planet is billions of years old). Maybe there WERE large bodies of water before, but they vanished…creating a (comparitively) dry Pangaea. Still, I don’t believe there was a complete absence of oceans before the continents drifted apart, because there was plenty of time for them to form…

  18. AlexTheDemon1 says:

    @Zaxerc HAHAHAHA! XD !Nice!

  19. lgvereor says:

    @1234gnrslash Life forms from these new chemical reactions, which sounds more viable than the ocean theory, as a swamp proves more friendly to early life. Lakes start forming, remember this is over the course of billions of years, life can now spread more properly. The rest is fairly simple, go from there.

  20. lgvereor says:

    @1234gnrslash So consider this timeline.

    Earth is size of current day, gets hit and loses mass, is still fairly molten and reforms, cools. Pangea is born. Comets hit earth, creating water, which freezes all over, first ice age in a way. Tectonics start fully going, creating heat and crevices, water begins forming.

  21. lgvereor says:

    @1234gnrslash This theory only accounts for the landmass, ice isn’t amounted for, so Pangea theoretically, and probably did considering the current earth, have some sort of ice poles.

    Step back a minute and think though. Had the earth been much bigger than it is today, ie add the moon’s mass as it’s the current scientific consensus that it is the effect of a failed planet hitting earth, the earth would have been too close to properly cool off, until much later. (The sun was bigger back then.)

  22. 1234gnrslash says:

    @1234gnrslash Of course, most significant ideas DO go against the grain of current science before they are accepted… I’m not trying to instantly discredit the theory, there’s just a looot of holes…

  23. 1234gnrslash says:

    @lgvereor Yeah I know that, but I believe the development of the oceans took much longer than this theory, which shows that the majority of the water on the planet came AFTER Pangaea… and to say that large bodies of water mostly didn’t appear on the “smaller Earth”, but formed afterward, is to say our planet is MUCH younger than dating technologies (along with other evidence) would show. Unless a HUGE amount of comets just formed all the oceans in that time, and barely any hit before that..?

  24. lgvereor says:

    @1234gnrslash Where the heck did it come from in the first place? Comets. Earth wasn’t formed with water and everything from the start, even Biblically.

  25. 1234gnrslash says:

    Yeah, the planet growing sounds reasonable, but where the heck did all the water come from then?