The Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Andrew Ng, Stanford University, STAN 2011)

(May 21, 2011) Andrew Ng (Stanford University) is building robots to improve the lives of millions. From autonomous helicopters to robotic perception, Ng’s research in machine learning and artificial intelligence could result one day in a robot that can clean your house. STAN: Society, Technology, Art and Nature, was Stanford University’s prototype conferecne for TEDxStanford, and showcased some of the university’s top faculty, students, alumni and performers in an intense four-hour event laced with surprising appearances and memorable experiences. STAN, modeled after TED, explored big questions about society, technology, art and nature in a format that invites feedback and engagement. Stanford University: STAN 2011: Andrew Ng Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

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  1. leeindeed says:

    I am hopeful that one day in my life time true AI will be accomplished.

  2. TunioMir says:

    @AEVautomatic SO that you can go have fun and do whatever YOU want!…..i thought people hated their jobs?? 😛

  3. unabomberman says:


    His focus on “menial” things has no bearing on the bigger implications of his work. A quick glimpse at the problems he’s tackling is enough to make someone realize that.

  4. timothyforvendetta says:

    @unabomberman I understand it, but you don’t seem to understand that I am speaking about the end of this video. He calls cleaning the house, filling out “silly paper work”, and going shopping for “trivial items” as acts of mental drudgery…..I find that a little disheartening toward the bigger implications of the work.

  5. unabomberman says:


    You clearly don’t understand the implications of this kind of research.

  6. philvlam says:

    @timothyforvendetta You don’t go from single calculating programs to high-tech vision robots in one step. You have to set yourself smaller goals to increase knowledge in your domain. One day, because of the works of hundred of scientists, maybe blind people will be able to see like us. But if it’s doable, why won’t we just get best of our technology. Honestly i’d rather spend 5 more hours a week studying and having fun than cleaning dishes and my appartement. That’s not only about a clean house.

  7. timothyforvendetta says:

    @philvlam There you go. Why don’t you write for people in A.I. Talking about the wonderful possibilities for cleaning a house is idiotic, like the end of this video, compared to things that actually equal sometime important. A clean house is not.

  8. philvlam says:

    @timothyforvendetta Say that to people who lost a limb and are waiting for AI technology to get their life back. It’s not only about picking up mugs, it’s also about understanding how the brain work to discover how to give blind people their sight, to restore dead nerve cells of vegetative person and much much more. Maybe that your mom clean your room for you but if we have a way to make cheap robots to do domestic tasks, that could be a huge improvement to a lot of people.

  9. timothyforvendetta says:

    I hate having to hold my dick while I pee. Hopefully a machine can free up the time and effort it takes me to hold such a massive thing, so I can purse other wonderful things. How about people stop collect hordes and hordes of shit so we won’t need robots to clean up their fucking bullshit. I mean I can understand a BUNCH of shit being a mess, but I don’t want a robot to be adjusted to my moms perception where a coffee cup on the counter is “being a pig”…..these people are fucking lunatics.

  10. captainsafety says:

    Andrew Ng, you are awesome, and that speech was really inspirational.

  11. dvalentino007 says:

    Ever heard of Zbigniew Brzezinski. Youtube “It’s easier to kill a million people than controll them”

  12. dvalentino007 says:

    best read from my primary comment

  13. dvalentino007 says:

    I don’t wanna sound pissed off but this technology is a threat and your playing with it. I may have spent a proportion of my life on collectivism but that is natural and life shouldn’t be forced into the labour camps from the point of a distraction from our natural way. We still have to learn who we are are and what goals we want to set ourselves in the future and not schemes like work experience where people get so overwhelmed when their heights are challenged they turn to drugs etc

  14. dvalentino007 says:

    a better word other than objective would be critical

  15. dvalentino007 says:

    Problem is everyone has a Gizmo to do everything for them today. A car for us to travel short distances, a machine to massage avoiding human interaction, a coffee maker just in case we can’t handle a spoon, a remote control so we don’t have to use the bodies god (powers that be) gave us. It’s obvious movies aren’t there for our entertainment but to influence or guide us to hieghts in the new millenium if you are objective

  16. dvalentino007 says:

    Ever see that movie D.A.R.Y.L. well not all humans are cute and fuzzy like the people intent on the implications of this technology

  17. dvalentino007 says:

    Borgmentations could inevitably become the death of the humanity. Nice Gizmo but when humanity joins with computers then how will we know that a hacker won’t advance it further past it’s own programmings creating a self serving cyborg mentality only intent of preservation of it’s own existence. Dangerous technology. Movies may be fictional but they are an interpretation of humanity or how we or powers want it to be. This is a suicidal advance. Robots should only serve man and not become man

  18. dvalentino007 says:

    @CodyRicheson but should we

  19. CodyRicheson says:

    @sckchui, you’re assuming we as a species are smart enough to make that a reality. Which we might be.

  20. ProjectAwesome1 says:

    @HouseboxTV many new robotic/AI approaches take this method. Check out stuff by Hod Lipson, or Hanson robotics, and Lingodroid!

  21. HouseboxTV says:

    It should be possible to teach robots as children, learn to observe, as we all did during the grow process till today, how can I do that, learning in observation.
    Applies to annything, even cards with pictures of dogs that were vocalized by my mother saying “dog”, we associate de image do the word.
    It’s all about whatch and learn!

    Just my 2 cents.

  22. heythisrocks says:

    Wireless censors everywhere Humm wow I just thought of something

  23. heythisrocks says:

    If wireless internet that’s invisible I’m sure they can use satalites around the earth that pick up on all things withoutbus knowing like all the info they need if u got abphone or how they have our info were all ina big computer base just like games they have invisible dots around a persons body but in real life like WiFi or satilite of a remote

  24. lYrICalsSH says:

    @gespik I’m fairly certain that having a robot correctly identify a mug 97% of the time is AI.

  25. CrazyAjvar says:

    @gespilk Well in the 50’s the regular spelling checker would be consider a form of AI. You can not expect human reasoning just yet. Making a pigeon-like robot would be a giant leap really. Small steps and maybe some days we will have Lt. Commander Data running around trying to understand humor.