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5-Speaker Surround Sound SYS

5-Speaker Surround Sound SYS



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JMR Graphics, Nationwide Car Wraps Manufacturer, Comments on Article Discussing a Californian Delis Unique Advertising Tactic

Central Islip, NY (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

On April 26, JMR Graphics, a nationwide car wraps manufacturer, releases a statement on a recent article published by The Los Angeles Times that highlights how a Californian deli capitalized on a recent burglary for their latest advertisement.

According to The Los Angeles Times article, Kents Meat and Groceries in Northern California fell victim to a failed burglary, resulting in $ 500 worth of damages. The surveillance video that captured his attempted burglary became advertising gold. An advertiser who was hired originally to help with the delis website, was made aware of this footage and had an idea.

The footage of the burglar throwing a rock into the glass door of Kents deli was sped up. Music was added to it with the tagline, Kents Meat and Groceries, award-winning New York style pastrami so good, some people will do just about anything to get more.

The TV ad became so successful that it has been featured on national TV shows like Good Morning America. The attention brought Kents deli in Redding, California national exposure and a great ROI.

Look at the amount of exposure we got for $ 500,” he says in the article. “How can I be unhappy about what I got?

Representative TJ Pannell from JMR Graphics, a car wraps manufacturer, recognizes that unconventionality is key when it comes to advertising. To get your business noticed you need to be thinking out of the box. Conforming to the societal advertising norm wont get you to the national attention scale that non-traditional advertising is getting businesses on nowadays.

JMR Graphics is an award winning Nationwide 3M Certified Manufacturer of Graphics for over a quarter of a century. We specialize in branding companies through Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Architectural Wall Graphics, Promotional Window Clings, Floor Graphics, Event Signage and much more. We offer a variety of 3M Graphics Films, which are specially designed for most surfaces that require a changeable, short and long-term application. Our exceptional Turn Key Service is backed with a 3M MCS Warranty to give you peace of mind when you need optimum performance for the intended life of your graphics. With our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge facility we inspire our clients by providing creative design, custom-printed graphics and handle a network of nationwide installers. JMR Graphics provides expert capabilities and capacities needed to meet any graphic challenge.


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Happy Martin Luther King Day: Holding a Jewel of meditation looking into one’s own mind, Buddha statue in the lotus mudra, snow, Broadview, Seattle, Washington, USA, Saha Planet Earth, “Tolerable” (Sanskrit Saha, “Tolerable” as in “barely tolerable”)
Image by Wonderlane
On Dr. Martin Luther King memorial day, it is worth noting that Lord Buddha advocated human equality more than 2500 years ago, dismissing and refusing to recognize social structures which hold individuals down. He accepted all students regardless of caste or gender or other differences.

Buddha is quoted as saying "Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule."

As human beings It must be difficult to change.

500 years later Lord Jesus Christ put it this way "As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

By being simply honest with ourselves, open hearted, and willing to change as individuals we can look at our own prejudice and remove what ever they are, simply by watching our own minds. Setting ourselves on dismissing those thoughts and deeds as incorrect that do not align with the advice great beings who have come before us have given, going back in history beyond human memory.

There must be something even more to loving each other that we can not even yet imagine. Otherwise how could love and compassion be such a radical idea thousands of years after these great ideas have been recommended and even insisted upon by the foremost to ever live?

It is said:
A Brahman saw the Buddha meditating by the River. He engaged the Buddha in conversation.

"What caste are you? Asked the Brahman.

"Caste is irrelevant." Said the Buddha.

"How so," said the Brahman, "surely you would agree that Brahman and royalty are of considerable worth whereas peasants and commoners are not?"

"Caste and riches matter not," replied the Buddha, "it is one’s conduct that matters."

"How so," said the Brahman.

"In that fire comes from any type of wood so can a wise person come from any caste. It is through the knowing of truth that one becomes noble not through caste. The noble one is the one that doesn’t cling to unworthy attachments. The noble one realizes the true way that things are, he no longer thinks of himself as a self and thus has gained clarity."

"You are truly wise," said the Brahman.

Prophet Muhammad – “The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self.”

Ying and Yang of the mind (better viewed large)
Image by Frederic Poirot
She has mental desease and wanders the streets, talking to the sky almost every day. She posed in front of the window, just time for me to catch my camera.
The shadows draws a kind of ying and yang figure and she lives on its edge. Her shadow reminds us that even in a clear state of mind, her disease is still lurking.
She was bathing in the sunset light while talking to the sky when I shot the picture. Who is she talking to? Who is she looking up to?
(picture is exceptionaly uploaded at 1600* 980: her facial expression is impressive to look at). Full size : here
Please comment on the framing and composition: i really suffered to produce this cropped photo. Any comments much appreciated.
Technically, a duotone cropped picture with her shadow superposed from another picture.

Genesis HealthCare Pioneers Short-Term Rehab Stays with PowerBack Program, Features HydroWorx Aquatic Therapy

Middletown, PA (PRWEB) April 11, 2013

The face of retirement community living is changing its model, due to the foresight of industry leaders such as Genesis HealthCare. Knowing that some adults ages 50+ require short-term rehabilitation stays without the need for lifetime residency commitments, Genesis has created PowerPack Rehabilitation, a mid-level solution aimed at Baby Boomers who require skilled facilities on a temporary basis. PowerBack features numerous revolutionary rehab options, most notably the first HydroWorx 2000 series therapy pool at any comparable location in the state.

Active Baby Boomers have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to permanently living in a retirement community, and theyre not crossing it without good reason. As an answer to their determination to remain in their homes as long as possible, but with the realization that accidents and health problems could require them to obtain professional medical assistance, Genesis HealthCare has created the PowerBack Senior Living Center model in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Engineered to offer short-term rehab choices to adults who intend to return to their homes after intensive emotional and physical therapy following traumas, PowerBack features advanced therapeutic technologies, most notably a HydroWorx 2000 series therapy pool with integrated treadmill and variable depth options.

The HydroWorx 2000 Series is ideally suited for the aging population. Elder exercise, rehabilitation, maintenance and injury prevention is promoted in a stress free environment that eliminates fear of falling and accessibility. Patients simply walk, or are wheeled onto, the raised pool floor, and then slowly lowered to any water depth up to six feet.

As one of the nations largest nursing and rehabilitation therapy providers, Genesis has partnered with the Burris Construction Company for the design and construction of their PowerBack facilities. Says William G. Burris, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Burris Construction Company, As an organization, we spend a great deal of time developing new ways to support best practices in patient care. HydroWorx allows us to give our clients the ability to provide in-house cutting-edge aquatic therapy, the very same therapeutic technology currently used by internationally recognized institutions such as Cleveland Clinic and Kennedy Krieger. And thats exciting.

As a mid-level solution, PowerBack has been heralded by experts in senior living models as a way to remove the out-of-sight, out-of-mind old folks home stigma that haunts the memories of Americans. Todays seniors are more physically fit than their generational counterparts, and this has initiated need for solutions like PowerBack. Rather than promoting long-term senior living facilities as a recommendation when intensive aquatic therapy is required, PowerBack offers short-term stays.

Highlights of the PowerBack grand opening in New Jersey include:

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Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds Live in Las Vegas (Official Video)

Elvis’s concert in 1970 in Las Vegas. You can not embedd this video. You can download it only with youtube downloader if you wana to upload somewhere in the …
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