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Security Cameras for Your Home or Business

Security Cameras for Your Home or Business

can give you that piece of mind. make sure employees aren’t stealing from you and doing their jobs



Detroit, USA

JamesSchramkoNews.com Provides Relevant, Real-Time and Up-to-Date Internet Marketing News for Bigger Business Growth

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) January 15, 2013

In the increasingly competitive online business environment, every organization and individual wanting to secure significant growth and profit needs to be constantly in the know about important online marketing news and the latest developments that happen in the Internet marketing landscape.

However, keeping tabs on every new SEO policy, every market trend or every technological innovation is not an easy feat. Internet marketing is one of the most rapidly changing and dynamic fields today, that its no surprise when something big can seem to happen in a blink of an eye.

Business coach James Schramko understands this dilemma completely, as collecting and organizing a huge volume of information everyday that will have an impact on his business ventures has been one of his biggest concerns when he was just starting out.

Now that his success and influence has made him more of a news source authority rather than a news gatherer today, he wants to provide an effective solution to people who want to have access to a steady and reliable source of urgent information. His new website JamesSchramkoNews.com is designed to do just that.

There are so many facts, information, tips and data that are freely available over the Internet todaytoo many, in fact, and too random to provide relevant insight to a business owner or an interested researcher, Schramko says. What you need to do is to handpick only the best sitesthe most credible, the most relevant to your business needs, and those with the highest level of authority, and take your lessons from there.

JamesSchramkoNews.com provides real-time updates on the most exciting and helpful events on Internet marketing. These are presented in video format, or through short news articles and quick, easy-to-read posts. The website neatly organizes topics according to categoriessoftware, Internet business, Internet marketing, SEO, blogging and so on for readers easy reference. It also offers quick links to Schramkos recommended products, services and business tools that allow him to live a high-quality lifestyle as a trusted business leader.

The most popular topics include tips to improve task management skills, SEO mistakes to avoid, business networking ideas and, most especially, quick quotes from Schramko that provide a valuable perspective on achieving success in business and in life.

He says, Constant learning is a must for business success. So put your students cap on and open your mind to new ideas and great tips that will help you achieve your mission faster. Visit JamesSchramkoNews.com and learn something new today.

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Lancaster General Health Builds Agile Leaders for Changing Health Care Industry: Deploys New Program Based on Harvard ManageMentor

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 07, 2012

Lancaster General Health, a three-hospital not-for-profit healthcare system in south central Pennsylvania, is providing 400 leaders across the system with access to Harvard ManageMentor

Ashish Gambhir to Present Keynote at Technology Support for Small Business Conference

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 09, 2012

Ashish Gambhir, Co-Founder of newBrandAnalytics, the leading provider of Social Business Intelligence solutions, will be delivering the keynote address at Technology Support for Small Businesses, conference presented by SCORE in conjunction with its technology partners. Gambhir will discuss how local businesses can leverage social feedback to improve operations and competitive intelligence.

Taking place on February 15, 2012 at the Washington DC Convention Center, the event is designed to help small businesses learn about and use the latest tech tools to better market their products, find customers and improve cash flow.

Given the dramatic growth of online customer feedback, the playing field for small businesses is becoming much more even. Having created a social media information company that has earned a reputation as a true industry leader in a market that is exploding, Ashish will provide a compelling and valuable perspective. It will be great for our attendees to gain insight on how best to use social business intelligence to enhance the customer experience and improve the bottom line, says Joe Clarke, district director of Washington DC SCORE.

Gambhir is Co-Founder of Washington, D.C.-based newBrandAnalytics, the leader in Social Business Intelligence solutions for the restaurant and hospitality industries. Their flagship offering, Social Guest SatisfactionTM is used by thousands of restaurants and hotels and is proven to improve guest experience. Recognized for innovative, game-changing social business intelligence solutions, newBrandAnalytics was named the Venture Summit Mid-Atlantic 100 Company of the Year.

Technology Support for Small Businesses will feature a series of workshops, buzz sessions, networking breaks, lunch, interaction with partner representatives and presentations by local government and industry leaders including Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland and FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. Participating event founding partners include AT&T, Best Buy, Cisco, Constant Contact, the FCC, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intuit, Microsoft, the SBA, the SCORE Foundation, Skype and the Warner Cable Business Class.

To register or for more information, log onto ebusinessnow.org/events.


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Why have the Democrats changed their minds about helping big business?

Question by water_skipper: Why have the Democrats changed their minds about helping big business?
Why have the Democrats changed their minds about helping big business? It seems like during election season the Democrats are always whining about tax breaks for big business, and tax breaks for corporations and all that. It’s just a couple of weeks past the election and now the Democrats are trying to give $ 25 billion to three huge corporations (the big three automakers). Why do they change their mind so fast like that?

Best answer:

Answer by bluelotussmellslikebananas
You do know that the big 3 ALREADY got 25 billion and are now asking for another 25 billion right? I was against the first payout and I am certainly against a next payout.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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