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The Darwin Awards: Evolution in Action

The Darwin Awards: Evolution in Action

“Only two things are infinite-the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not so sure about the universe.” -Albert Einstein Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, The Darwin Awards vividly portrays the finest examples of evolution in action, and shows us just how uncommon common sense can be.

Marvel at the thief who steals electrical wires without shutting off the current. Gape at the lawnchair jockey who floats to a height of 16,000 feet suspended by heliu

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The Darwin Awards 4: Intelligent Design

The Darwin Awards 4: Intelligent Design

Over 1.5 million copies sold in this New York Times bestselling humor series

With over 1.5 million copies sold, the Darwin Awards series is the alpha chimp of humorous human mishaps. Despite being an international bestseller, and inspiring a movie—The Darwin Awards—these cautionary chronicles have failed to stop another generation of Darwin Award winners from steering motorcycles with their feet, heating lava lamps on stoves, using liquid soap as brake fluid, and drowning themselves

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Nice Darwin Awards photos

Check out these Darwin Awards images:

Brave / stupid
Darwin Awards
Image by Phillie Casablanca
Dude falling asleep on his windowsill, three stories up from a very hard pavement

Drilling the hard drive
Darwin Awards
Image by dmuth

Drilling one of the drives
Darwin Awards
Image by dmuth
Ignore the laundry line in the foreground

Should the 4 Americans sailing off of Somalia be given Darwin Awards for achievement?

Darwin Awards
by dmuth

Question by Astro Smurf: Should the 4 Americans sailing off of Somalia be given Darwin Awards for achievement?

I can’t foresee any issue with sailing off of Somalia

Best answer:

Answer by kinder
probably, but not for sailing, I’d give it for breaking off from the group – now that was an epic decision.

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What is the funniest Darwin Awards story?

Question by Wally the Wallmeister: What is the funniest Darwin Awards story?
please give me the full description or a link to I can find the whole thing online.

Best answer:

Answer by Persiphone_Hellecat
Here you go. You can read them all.


A friend of mine is on a very famous drive time radio show and they do a lot of funny news stories and goof on them. Recently there was one about a guy who went in to rob a convenience store with his finger as a gun. Only he forgot to put his hand under his jacket. So there he stood pointing his finger at a very startled convenience store employee. Finally, he grabbed a bag of Sun Chips and walked out. Duh.


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Why do Conservatives win more Darwin Awards than Liberals?

Question by US Army Veteran: Why do Conservatives win more Darwin Awards than Liberals?
Is it because they are smarter?

Best answer:

Answer by Arthur
Conservatives win more Darwin awards because they don’t believe in evolution. QED.

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Darwin Awards

Wendy Northcutt, author of the celebrated book series called “The Darwin Awards,” offers up her own brand of natural selection that salutes the improvement of the species by honoring those members who have accidentally removed themselves from it. Her lecture is slated for Thursday, April 19 at 8 pm in the Cooperage. The event is free to SSU students with ID or general admission. The UC Berkeley molecular biologist discusses the creative, inane, and altogether awe-inspiring accidents that have improved the human gene pool and the poor departed souls that made the spectacular mishaps happen. Such accidents as the drunk man who wanted a wild poisonous snake as a pet, the sober man who tried to rob a man that was selling a gun, and an elderly gentleman attempting to rid his lawn of gophers by electrifying the very ground he stood upon will be discussed. Also on topic will be the honorable mentions of the Darwin Awards – those who had a bout with natural selection but survived with their reproductive capability intact.
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WARNING: This video must never be atempted, But it well make you laugh.

NEW – The Darwin Awards 4: Intelligent Design

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The Darwin Awards Next Evolution: Chlorinating the Gene Pool

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The Darwin Awards 3: Survival of the Fittest - Wendy Northcutt (2003, Hardcover)
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Darwin Day Middle School Poster Contest

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) January 30, 2009

Science and education advocacy association Center for Inquiry Tampa is sponsoring a poster contest in celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, and to promote science in general. This year–2009–also marks the 150th anniversary of publication of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species,” the treatise establishing evolution as a bedrock of science.

Applications were distributed to students through Hillsborough County middle school science classes. Entries were submitted on January 16th. Each participant will receive a ribbon for their entry. First through tenth place monetary awards will be given for scientific merit (primary criterion) and artistic presentation (secondary criterion). Winning posters will be displayed in the science section of J. F. Germany Library from February 7-14.

When: Awards announcement and prize distribution–Saturday, February 7, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Where: J. F. Germany Library, 900 Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL 33602-3704, First floor, Science Section.

Judges: Among the judges are: Wesley M. Johnson, Ph.D (Professor, USF, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering); Jack Robinson, Ed. D (Professor Emeritus, USF, Arts and Sciences); Lois Fries, MS.

The Center for Inquiry Tampa is a non-profit educational foundation whose mission is “To promote and defend reason, science, and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor.” CFI organizations publish Skeptical Inquirer, PENSAR, and Free Inquiry magazines. See http://CenterForInquiry.net/Tampa for more information, or call Rick O’Keefe (813) 849-7571.


Darwin Awards

A few nice Darwin Awards images I found:

Darwin Awards
Darwin Awards
Image by Southern Star Photo
The snake tied itself if a knot… and DIED!!

Possible entry for the Darwin Award
Darwin Awards
Image by yanajenn
She’s wearing flip flops, for crying at loud!