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Center for Hearing, Number One Provider of Hearing Aids in Fort Smith AR, Now is Fort Smiths First and Only Private Practice Audiology Clinic

Fort Smith, AR (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

Top provider of hearing aids in Fort Smith AR, Center for Hearing Ltd., recently became Fort Smiths first and only private practice audiology clinic. Center for Hearing was designed with one goal in mind: to provide exceptional patient-centered services for everyone with any level of hearing loss and for those who want to protect their hearing. The company is dedicated to bringing affordable excellence in hearing health to the community in a Christian- and family-oriented environment.

The motivation to create the areas first and only private-practice audiology clinic came from the desire to provide a high level of service centered completely around the specific needs of Center for Hearing Ltd. patients, while making the services affordable and convenient at the same time. The staff is dedicated to excellence in hearing health. The Center for Hearing philosophy dictates that the audiologists serve each patient in a Christian- and family-oriented environment where personal attention is the norm, not the exception.

Center for Hearing is owned by Dr. Kelley Linton, Au.D. Dr. Linton earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma Medical Center and her Doctor of Audiology Degree from the University of Florida. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and holds a National Board Certification in Audiology and a State of Arkansas license. She is highly involved in many leadership development and community organizations. Kelley is a Captain in the United States Army Reserves and a volunteer audiologist for the Good Samaritan Clinic in Fort Smith. Dr. Linton also owns the Center for Industrial Audiometrics also in Fort Smith AR.

About Center for Hearing Ltd.:

Center for Hearing Ltd. has provided expert hearing healthcare services to Fort Smith Arkansas and its surrounding communities for many years. They offer a full range of diagnostic and preventative professional hearing services, including hearing aid screenings and evaluations, hearing aids sales, and hearing loss rehabilitative and preventative counseling. Center for Hearing Ltd. is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest improvements and technological advancements in the hearing industry and is committed to offering the most current options to patients.


Dr. Kelley Linton Au.D.


Center for Hearing Ltd.

4300 Rogers Avenue, Suite #15

Fort Smith, AR 72903

(479) 689-4307

Scientific Explorer’s The Magic Science for Wizards Only Reviews

Scientific Explorer’s The Magic Science for Wizards Only

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Cast real smoke from your fingertips, make a wizard wand, and whip up color-changing potions in your test tube laboratory. Also included are laminated cards with magic tricks to baffle all your friends, an instruction booklet with 11 activities, lab equipment, and mysterious wizard powders that will mix together to mystify you!

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Only 10% of Companies Have Market Intelligence Capabilities That Are Truly World Class

New York CIty, New York (PRWEB) May 22, 2011

The need to address growing global competition has accelerated the development of systematic market intelligence at global companies, according to the 2011 Global Market Intelligence Survey by Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a global strategic market intelligence and advisory group. However, the study shows that only 10% of the companies surveyed have achieved market intelligence capabilities that are truly world class. Such companies in general, enjoy much higher efficiencies in decision making and strong return-on-investment on their market intelligence budgets.

?The proportion of companies that have systematic market intelligence globally has grown in the past two years – from 63% to 76%. This is quite significant as this shows that the financial crisis has further solidified the position of market intelligence in companies that need to grow and compete internationally. In addition, one third of the companies that don?t have a market intelligence operation intend to launch one within the next 12 months. Out of the companies with market intelligence functions, 64% intend to increase their investments in market intelligence, with geographical focus in Asia and Latin America,? said Markko Vaarnas, CEO at Global Intelligence Alliance.

The Survey also found several distinguishing qualities of companies with world class market intelligence functions.

1. They work closer with decision-makers

Over half of the companies with world class market intelligence capabilities have at most one organizational layer between the market intelligence function and the CEO, and none have more than four layers. Such companies also have more top management as internal clients.

2. They have more extensive networks

Companies with world class market intelligence capabilities get contributions from more people within the organization than companies on average.

3. They work in a more regular fashion

52% of market intelligence work goes into regular deliverables opposed to ad-hoc deliverables, while the figure is 45% for companies in general.

4. They more often have a centralized market intelligence function

While 69% of companies with world class market intelligence capabilities have a centralized market intelligence function, the same is true for only 56% of companies in general.

5. They use their budgets and staff more effectively

Even though companies with world class market intelligence capabilities work with intelligence budgets and team that are comparable in size to other companies in general, they score significantly higher both in the maturity level of their market intelligence functions and in decision-making efficiency.

Conducted in March 2011, the 2011 and fifth Global Market Intelligence Survey tracks the increasing importance of the market intelligence profession:

How is market intelligence used by various industries?
Have companies become more sophisticated in the use of market intelligence? If so, how do they use market intelligence to compete and grow in international markets?
What business opportunities will market intelligence be used to explore in 2012-2013?
What are some world class market intelligence best practices?

Full details will be presented at the Global Market Intelligence Survey 2011 Overall Results & EMEA Regional Results webinar on Tuesday, June 7, 2011. Registration is free.

For further information, visit the http://www.globalintelligence.com or send an email to media(at)globalintelligence(dot)com.

About Global Intelligence Alliance

Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) is a strategic market intelligence and advisory group. GIA was formed in 1995 when a team of market intelligence specialists, management consultants, industry analysts and technology experts came together to build a powerful suite of customized solutions ranging from outsourced market monitoring services and software, to strategic analysis and advisory.

Today, we are the preferred partner for organizations seeking to understand, compete and grow in international markets. Our industry expertise and coverage of over 100 countries enables our customers to make better informed decisions worldwide.


About the Global Market Intelligence Survey

The Global Market Intelligence Survey looks into the current state of Market Intelligence activities in international companies and the perceived benefits, how market intelligence supports decision-making, and the anticipated future developments across geographical regions and industries.

The 2011 Global Market Intelligence Survey is the fifth in a series and involved 989 respondents in an online questionnaire in March 2011. Most of the questions were of multiple-choice format to facilitate quantitative analysis. Open questions were also included to add to the level of insight. English was used as the survey language in most countries, while translations to Czech, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish were also in circulation in parts of Latin America, Europe and Africa.

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Does the world only have a few great thinkers capable of thinking out of the box?

Question by Vivianna: Does the world only have a few great thinkers capable of thinking out of the box?
It seems like only a handful of people are the ones that make all the great discoveries in the world that we all benifit from. But everyone else are just, users, yes men, or nay sayers. Why aren’t there more people like Tesla that are capable of thinking outside the box? Where have all the great thinkers gone? Why don’t we promote our best thinkers? Why do people that take credit for other people’s work get promoted over the people that have the great ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Charles C
there are more but they just aren’t in the spot light

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How could George Berkeley continue to believe that only minds or ideas exist, after he was married?

Question by sokrates: How could George Berkeley continue to believe that only minds or ideas exist, after he was married?
Berkeley had a wife, consummated his marriage and had a son. How could he do all these things and continue to believe that only minds or ideas exist?

Best answer:

Answer by nick p
Berkley’s famous quote: “To be is to be perceived”. Analyze this for a moment and realize that he is saying that to exist is to be perceived by something else. Berkley would have even held this to be true of himself, and Berkley, being a Christian brings God back into philosophy and science by positing God to be the Prime perceiver of all things. So what follows? Berkeley, much like his wife and kids, are ideas not of himself but of God who is always perceiving. God insures that our physical world is not vanquished when we shut our eyes or when we are not perceiving it in any way. His wife is really there, insofar that God is always perceiving her, likewise with himself and his kids. Of course, this is going to create the metaphysical problem of who is perceiving God? Either some entity is perceiving God at all times, and some entity is perceiving that entity, and so on to an infinite regress or we end up back in a Transcendent reality where there really is a “real world” transcendent of the world we are in where there is a realism present and in no need of a saying “To be is to be perceived”. Either way if you accept Berkley’s position you end up with an infinite regress or a dualistic reality of some king that allows God to be unperceived, since He really does exist. This of course would be the realist position, so then “true reality” would be one of which the realist would accept, but this reality isn’t that it is an idealist one. Its definitely a strange position, one of which I am still researching. All the best.

In Christ


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